Who We Are


The roots of Mission to Arabs began in 2003 with only one brother with a passion to share the Gospel. He began by simply reaching out to the needs of the Arab people around him locally while sharing the Gospel along his way. That one person is the founder and now the current managing director over Mission to Arabs. Over time, he met others with the same heart and vision, who also believed this ministry to be a necessity in the Arab world who came alongside him working together despite the risks around them. From that time on, by God’s grace, the ministry continued to grow, and God placed supporters and sources from throughout the Middle East and the West, willing to invest and make this ministry a reality along the way. So, in 2009, Mission to Arabs was officially born. We can truly say that it is by God’s hand this ministry was born and is being sustained as we watch Him work in the hearts of the people here, a job that no man can do. We are honored to be serving our Lord in an area centered around where the pinnacle of history took place. We long to see the Gospel flourish here once again, and so we strive daily to bring back the Gospel to the Arab world.



Our vision and purpose is “Bringing back the Gospel to the Arab World” by mobilizing Arabs to reach their own people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the Arab World. This includes reaching out to every home and tent in the Arab world by Arabs with the Gospel while also providing guidance and discipleship to new believers by church planting and development.



Our two methods to reach Arabs is through church planting  as well as development and relief. The Arab World is considered to be one of the least touched areas by the Gospel, and the percentage of evangelists is also the lowest anywhere when in comparison with the population. MTA goes out into the community doing door to door visits seeking those who are thirsty and later placing them in one of our already existing underground churches for support as well as weekly follow up and discipleship. We currently have active underground house churches meeting weekly and people being discipled and taught how to reproduce the Gospel. Development and relief is also a key method we use by starting and promoting projects for the people in the poorest areas to raise their standard of living and income. This also grants us access to many areas that would be otherwise restricted allowing us to begin relationships and become lighthouses in the dark. We have also mentioned that we desire to reach out to every tent in the Arab world as well. We have built strong friendships with the Bedouin people for the past seven years. These are a nomadic people that are descendants of Abraham, and we actively visit them in their tents helping with their needs and follow them when they migrate to another location. We do believe in meeting the physical needs of the people in the Arab world, just as Christ displayed in the Bible, but we focus on evangelism. We help people with their physical needs as a means to build relationship and reach them by the love of Christ with the Good News of Christ.