Frequently Asked Questions

How can I help support MTA?

Prayers are the absolute number one thing needed for MTA. Countless times we have seen the hand of the Lord at work, and we know it is because His children are faithfully lifting up the people we minister to, as well as ourselves. Secondly, financial support is also a reality and required to keep people on the field, as well as bring new people on board. The harvest is plentiful here in the Arab World, and we are always looking to bring on new staff when capable. Third, spread the word about our organization and its vision. We know that as more churches, organizations, as well as brothers and sisters learn about MTA and the work God is doing, the more people we have interceding on our behalf as well as those we are reaching out to.

Why doesn’t MTA publish pictures and data about its staff, projects and the people they work with?

MTA serves the Lord in a dangerous part of the world, where it is considered illegal to share the Gospel amongst Muslims. If local authorities know about our activities, they will arrest our staff as well as those we minister to, and place us in prison for an unknown time as well as even face death as a consequence. We try to be as secure as possible for our sake, the sake of our families as well as the people we serve; therefore, we cannot publicize information about ourselves or the people we minister to.

Are donations tax-deductible when giving to an individual or to MTA?

Yes. As soon as we process your donation (usually takes between 1 to 10 days), you will receive a receipt for tax purposes and a thank you letter.

Will my donation be audited?

Yes, your donation will be audited. Initially, your donation is reviewed by the staff of MTA and the Managing Director upon receipt. We have an outside accountant who comes biweekly to our office to handle and review all the finances of MTA. Also, MTA’s Board of Directors, holds a meeting every three months and reviews the organization’s expenses and donations in detail. Finally, we have an annual audit by an outside hired accountant.